Monday, January 3, 2011

Wikipedia All-Stars: Ron Artest

For anyone who doesn't know, Ron Artest plays basketball for the Lakers.  His career/life highlights include winning an NBA championship, recording maybe the worst greatest rap album of all time, and chasing down a fan and punching him in the face giving him a high five.  He is known for playing a rough style of basketball, and this might offer a small clue to where he learned it:

"Growing up in a rough neighborhood Artest claims he witnessed the murder of a fellow player on a basketball court. "It was so competitive, they broke a leg from a table and they threw it, it went right through his heart and he died right on the court. So I'm accustomed to playing basketball really rough."
Well that makes sense.  Not to self: Never play basketball with Ron Artest.  Or in his neighborhood.  Or near a broken table.  Or with ANYONE capable of throwing ANYTHING through another person heart.

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  1. I won't play basketball with you unless I wear a bike helmet.