Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back to School.

In the spirit of the new school semester that began this week, I have decided to share something I wrote for a Persuasive Writing class at BYU last year. This is taken from a paper I wrote explaining why steroids should be legalized in Major League Baseball:

Home runs have been on the decrease about as long as the ratings have been decreasing. The correlation is accurate and logical to make, as is the correlation between number of home runs hit and MLB's involvement with steroids. As steroid testing has gone up, steroid use has gone down. As steroids have gone out of the league so has the most exciting play the game has to offer, the home run. As the home runs have faded, so have the television ratings. And as the television ratings continue to plummet, so will the business success of major league baseball.

This paper was the most ridiculous and amazing thing I had ever written for a class assignment. I'm not sure what grade I got on it, but i pulled a B in the class overall. Part of the assignment was to send your paper to its intended audience, so I actually emailed a copy of the entire thing to MLB headquarters. I have yet to hear back.


  1. But did you have a pie chart? Sydney likes to use pie charts in her persuasive arguments. Maybe MLB would like to see a pie chart.

  2. Pie charts definitely make all the difference...