Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rule Breaker.

Big thanks to my sister for sending me this link today, because I feel like it needs to be immediately shared with as many people as possible.  Here is a link to the 15 best quotes found in Justin Bieber's autobiography.  My personal favorite is:

Singers aren't supposed to have dairy before a show, but we all know I'm a rule breaker.  Pizza is just so good!
 Of course you break rules Justin! What choice do you have?!  I can only imagine what Usher might say if he caught you eating dairy pizza right before a show.  And you're supposed to be a role model.  For shame Justin Bieber, for shame.  You'll never amount to 1/10th of the good that Michael Jackson did to others at this rate.  He NEVER would have eaten dairy pizza right before a show, no matter how good it is.  HE had standards.

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