Monday, February 28, 2011

Mario Kart.

So this weekend was mostly filled with school work, and no time for either speed painting or building a snow sled death loop.  Tragic.  I did however find a ton of videos done by this French guy named Remi that are all pretty hilarious.  Here is one of him bringing Mario Kart to real life:

I guess he's kinda famous in France seeing as how he has like 106 videos on youtube and pretty much ALL of them have at least 1 million views.  I'm just impressed that someone finally found a good use for a go kart.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Super Fast.

Check this out.  This dude can paint stuff wicked quick:

I honestly want to try and spray paint a picture like this in less than a minute, and post the result.  How hard can it be?  That might be a good project for the weekend.  Unless it keeps snowing here in Provo, at which point my roommate and I will be spending all day tomorrow creating a "snow sled death loop".  Either way should be a fun weekend.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Free Falcon.

My brother brought this to my attention about a week ago.  This guy has posted online his sure fire way to find the girl (or guy if you are a girl) of your dreams.  Some might say this method is hokey, but I say its genius.  Pure falcon genius.


If I have learned one thing about girls in my 26 years of not being married to one, its that girls love falcons.  There is no better way to impress a girl than by pretending to have raised one and then pretending to have lost it.  Plus theres that huge bonus of maybe finding yourself a free falcon.  I'll do pretty much anything for a free shirt, much a less a free falcon.  Win, win, win.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Music Monday.

So just for fun I thought I would post one of my favorite songs of all time today.  This is an acoustic version of the original and has a string section added too.  I think the end result is something beautiful.  Its called "Stare at the Sun" by Thrice.

Pretty much my favorite style of music is acoustic rock, and no one I've found pulls it off better than Thrice.  Easily the best band that no one has ever heard of.  Happy presidents day!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fart Jokes.

If you're a fan of fart jokes, you're going to love this video.  In other words, if you are either myself or one of my nephews you are going to absolutely love this video.  On the other hand if you're not a fan of fart jokes, you might want to skip this one.  I keep expecting humor like this to stop being funny as I've gotten older, but I still laugh out loud watching this.

I'm trying to impress your parents! Funny thing is, if I brought a girl home to meet my parents and she did this same exact thing in a restaurant, I don't think my Mom and Dad would even care.  They would pry pretend to laugh, say she had a special charm about her, and sincerely thank her for taking their son off their hands.  And I wouldn't blame them.  Fart jokes are funny.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


So I'm kind of a nerd for this stuff, but I 'stumbled upon' this page that shows a bunch of creative billboards.  Being an advertising major who will be starting his career in March, I'll be making these myself before the year is over.  Check them out!

I think my favorite is the Bic one because it uses the space around the sign too.  Either that or the vacuum.  Who knows how long that family is going to be stuck up there?!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentimes Day!

So today is the day that every 26 year old mormon bachelor dreams about...Valentimes Day!  To celebrate I plan on treating myself to a nice meal, putting on my favorite pair of blue jeans, and later spending hours all alone at the local nickelcade, hogging the ninja turtles game while quietly crying to myself.  It should be magical!  If anyone is looking for their own special way to celebrate Valentimes, might I suggest the movie "Ghost of Girlfriends Past", as detailed by this video:

That Renee Zellweger is such a gem!  I can't think of a better way to celebrate Valentimes than surrounding yourself with those you love, cooking up some popping corn snack, and running down to your local Hollywood Video to rent this classic.  For anyone else who doesn't think that sounds like a good idea, than I'll see you at the nickelcade!  But don't try and talk to me...I'll most likely be upset...but the tears will be from allergies...not loneliness...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wikipedia All-Stars: Ron Artest II

Time to revisit wikipedia, and this time we will also be revisiting Ron Artest, one of my favorite basketball players.  Last time I posted about Ron, it was about how he once saw a man get stabbed in the heart with a broken table leg during a game of street ball.  The amazing tale of Ron Artest does not end there however:

Artest has been a subject of frequent controversy. In a December 2009 Sporting News interview, Artest admitted that he had led a "wild" lifestyle as a young player, and that he drank Hennessy cognac in the locker room at halftime when he was playing for the Chicago Bulls at the beginning of his NBA career.  During his rookie season in Chicago, he was criticized for applying for a job at Circuit City in order to get an employee discount.  He once attended a practice with the Indiana Pacers in a bath robe.
Some call that kind of behavior inappropriate, I call it the american dream.  Who doesn't want to do EVERYTHING in a bathrobe?  But my favorite is the fact that he tried to get a job at Circuit City for the discount.  First of all, I don't think any professional athlete needs to worry about money (except for the WNBA).  Second, why not just let him work there during the offseason?  Who is that going to hurt?  If anything he was just being frugal.  And yet people still think he's the crazy one... 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Funniest Video Ever.

Thats not a title I like to throw around easily.  But I laughed harder at this video that anything else I've seen in a long time.  You just have to ignore the semi-gayness of it all.

Sergio Flores should be above the law.  He's playing to a baby for crying out loud!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quote of the Day.

I lost Ed Truck, and it feels like somebody took my heart, and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears. And at the same time, somebody else is hitting my soul in the crotch with a frozen sledgehammer. And then a third guy walks in and starts punching me in the grief bone, and I am crying, and nobody can hear me, because I am terribly, terribly... terribly alone. "
-Michael Scott 

Has nothing to do with my life, but it made me laugh out loud while watching The Office re-runs tonight.

Monday, February 7, 2011

High Five.

A lot of people aren't sure how to properly administer a high five.  I'm pretty epic at it, and this video should help everyone become epic high fivers as well.

One point of contention: I can throw a microwave pretty stinking far.  Like way farther than any five zone should be.  Like I can't really prove it, but I'm pretty sure I can throw a microwave further than Brett Farve could.  And I would send WAY less inappropriate photos of myself in the process.  

Saturday, February 5, 2011


My favorite part about using yahoo for my email is that they take it upon themselves to suggest news stories I might find interesting.  Sometimes the news articles they want me to read are beyond pointless.  For example, did you know that Anne Hathaway wore polka dot pants to the red carpet?  Oh my heck, how could she!  But one news story that is actually pretty amazing can be found by clicking here.


It's about a Chinese artist that specializes in painting himself so that he looks invisible in front of a complex background.  There are ten of them on there so check them all out.  I think my favorite is him at the movie theater, but the one with the cop seriously looks like a ghost.  That guy sure is crafty.  

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Self Defense III.

The best part about practice katanas? No matter how much you slam them on a table, they NEVER break!!

Except for this one.  That looks like it hurt.  That looks like it hurt big time.  This guy should get in touch with the Cold Steel guys and really learn how to do a weapon promo.  Hint: You should only ever attack watermelons.  It was a rookie mistake to go after the table, and one he payed for by getting stabbed in the heart.  His dreams must be as broken as the blade of his Japanese sword.  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Working Out.

So I've been trying to go to the gym at least 4 days a week.  Since BYU's gym gets so crowded later in the day that means I have to get up at 5:30 so I can get there when it opens.  And when I do get there, this is pretty much EXACTLY how I exercise:

Except I don't wear the helmet.  I'm too cool for that.  I get a lot of weird looks but I think they're just jealous of how fit I am.

Special thanks to my Dad for showing me this, and I'm looking forward to getting the 'snake shaker' as my graduation present this summer!