Thursday, July 28, 2011

Epic Moments in TV I

This is my favorite moment from all of Saved By The Bell, which includes middle school and the college years. Jesse and the other girls started a jazzercise music group where they would sing about how excited they were about stuff while jumping rope or something I think. Thats not really important. What IS important is that this was happening right before a big test or something and Jesse didn't have enough time for everything. Keep in mind this was before the days of using a Time-Tuner to make it to Arithmancy class on time. So Jesse turned to caffeine pills. Zack found out and this happened:

Mario Lopez is the famous one out of the cast now (and deservedly so), but I think Jesse deserves a little more recognition for this moment. It was easily the most overacted emotional moment of the whole series.

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  1. i'm still terrified of caffeine pills...i wanna get one of those shirts that says "i'm so excited! i'm so scared!"