Sunday, September 25, 2011

Christianity in Lyrics.

So I recently came across a small volume of poems/lyrics that have some amazing religious themes. I found these snippets to be either incredibly poignent or incredibly creative in their wordcraft. I'll post where I found all of these if anyone really wants to know, but who wrote them isn't the important thing. The message they carry is what strikes me. I will say that all of these came from the same source, except for the last one which I found somewhere else.

I was always one of the blameless, or at least that's what I believed.
I never thought I could be blinded, until I could no longer see.
But you buried me in the bright light. Yeah you held my eyes to the sun 'till I could see-
that I was worse than I ever feared I could be,
but somehow, I was loved more than I ever dared to believe,
because of you.

And when I lost all hope to look, someone took that heavy book-
from my hands; all its weight they set aside, after they had satisfied its demands.
I felt white and black reverse, and the lifting of a curse from my heart,
Then like one receiving sight, I beheld a brilliant light in the dark.

He laid aside his crown, all our crimes he carried, 
was lifted from the ground, and with our burdens buried.
When shadows all had clung and the light diminished,
he emptied out his lungs, crying "It is finished!"
Listen to me, though I speak of sober things;
Listen through me, though a man of lips unclean.
I speak truly what you only think you've heard;
everything, everything, everything hangs on a word.

We were sons of insurrection, doomed to face the dark alone,
'Till vicarious perfection, dearly won, was made our own.
Unassailable you waited, the great enemy of man,
'till your awful jaws were sated, and we were ransomed from your hand.

A prideful demand,
I dared to question "Why?"
And to this bitter stance,
came the peaceful reply...
"You only know your wants,
I always know your needs.
When a lonely lesson haunts,
find faith to believe.
Child, you are never alone with me."

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  1. I know where they came from!
    The only word for it is AMAZING.
    Simply amazing.