Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentimes Day!

So today is the day that every 26 year old mormon bachelor dreams about...Valentimes Day!  To celebrate I plan on treating myself to a nice meal, putting on my favorite pair of blue jeans, and later spending hours all alone at the local nickelcade, hogging the ninja turtles game while quietly crying to myself.  It should be magical!  If anyone is looking for their own special way to celebrate Valentimes, might I suggest the movie "Ghost of Girlfriends Past", as detailed by this video:

That Renee Zellweger is such a gem!  I can't think of a better way to celebrate Valentimes than surrounding yourself with those you love, cooking up some popping corn snack, and running down to your local Hollywood Video to rent this classic.  For anyone else who doesn't think that sounds like a good idea, than I'll see you at the nickelcade!  But don't try and talk to me...I'll most likely be upset...but the tears will be from allergies...not loneliness...


  1. wow. you're acting like a chump. that's what you're acting like...

  2. How did you get to that conclusion? You jumped to chump in like 3 seconds!