Friday, December 31, 2010

Bucket List.

In the spirit of New Years, I have decided to update my bucket list by striking off a few things I accomplished last year and adding some new ones to the list. Enjoy.

Run a half marathon.
Run a full marathon.
Sky dive.
Visit Canada.
See the sunrise from the top of Mt.Timpanogos
Dunk a basketball.
Build a robot.
Write a movie script detailing the origins of Bigfoot (Bigfoot Begins).
Party with Thomas Kinkade.

So I'm making pretty good progress on my list I think.  Maybe this year I'll actually get around to writing that movie because lets be honest, that things a gold mine.


  1. i'm surprised you didn't write how QUICKLY you were able to build that robot...i want to say it set a world record...

  2. Yeah my robot was pretty legit for something I built in less than 4 minutes. Too bad it died when I tried to test its coat holding ability.

  3. I wanted to ask if "bigfoot begins" is the new title as I know that "Skunkape" was thrown around earlier.

  4. They are two completely different stories. Bigfoot Begins is the origin story of bigfoot, while Skunkape mostly centers around Bigfoots half-human son. Sorry for the confusion.